Monday, 20 April 2015

Transform Your Home

If your looking to update and transform your home in to a loving and caring space, look no further! Whether it's giving your wall a fresh coat of paint or creating a feature within a room, we have got plenty ideas and beautifully crafted furniture ideas to add that shabby chic furniture style living space or even trendy loft style furniture ideas for the upbeat London city slickers.

Take a look at the new spring collection here to transform your living space into idyllic home.

Metal Table Lamps

3. Small Oval Mirror £78.00

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Modern Rustic

Time To Style Up Your Home
Add a touch of character with a mix of rustic & contemporary designs

La Maison Chic

Stunning interiors in rustic style are a fusion of modern comfort with the beauty of natural simple designs. The main feature of Rustic Style Interiors is the use of natural materials – environmentally friendly simple furniture with rough finishes and a touch of some rural brutality. Some people might think that this kind of furniture is only suitable for a country house, and would not fit into the town house or city apartment’s space. We at La Maison Chic are big fans of rustic style and believe that natural objects combined with linen textiles can make any home welcoming – you just need to find the perfect balance. There are two ways of building layout. First - rough wooden furniture pieces can be “softened” by adding decorative accessories - exquisite china and ceramics, flowers, shabby bird cages, linen soft furnishings and wall art. Second - if you find the interior too soft and elegant you can add rough rustic elements such as wooden decorations, wood-beamed ceilings, wooden headboards or wooden chandeliers to reach an authentic look.
The main element of this style is wood and it is very important to pick the right finish. The best choice is dark brown or light brown wood finish, with traces of rough manual processes; ideally if you made or buy furniture from previously used wood and boards. Finish shouldn’t be too smooth - obvious bumps, cracks, scratches, damage can only add character. The most common trees used are oak, pine and beech.
Rustic style gives great freedom in interpretation but does not tolerate shiny and glossy surfaces, elegant carvings, geometric patterns, bright colours or a large variety of colours for one area.
We are very proud to introduce new range of rustic designs for your home: Reclaimed Pine Glazed Bookcase, Reclaimed Pine Display, Reclaimed Pine Drum Top Dining Table, Old Pine Chest and Coffee Table Made From Old Pine. Old reclaimed pine is used for the whole range, all items look very authentic and are inspired by nature.
Dark, aged metal parts, accessories and forging used together with wood are also common for the style. Bronze, brass, cast iron and nickel silver are suitable as well. We have a wide selecting of dining tables made from wood & metal: Dining Table With Recycled Elm Top, Recycled Elm Dining Table, Old Pine Table With Zinc Top, Industrial Dining Table With Iron Legs.

Article Written by;

La Maison Chic
The French Furniture Company

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New Obsession: Bone Inlay

The Bone Inlay furniture pieces are beautifully exceptional and surely can add that special touch to your bedroom! They are hand-crafted in India. The amazing detailing that appears on every piece is a product of many pieces of individually sourced camel bone being neatly inlayed, carved and fixed into resin on a wooden frame.
Add a touch of chic to your bedroom with our bone inlay chests and bedside.

Bone Inlay furniture 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Leather Sofa

One of the important questions when choosing a sofa is how it will fit into your interior. After all upholstered furniture market offers a very large selection of different models. Using leather sofas in the state of the art living room interior design theme is one of the best ways to swiftly add a sophisticated look. A sofa is a major piece of furniture in the living room. It is easily detectable because of the space it occupies in the living room. The best way to make use of leather sofa is to use 2 seater and 3 seater as a set. Another important phase is choosing the colour of the leather sofa. Our personal favourite is vintage brown! To make it stand out use gold wall accessories, small metal furniture (side and coffee tables) and lantern style ceiling lights.


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Simple Luxury

White and grey palettes in interiors (especially French ones!) are classic, they can work with any style and any taste. They are refreshingly versatile, restful and help harmonize living space. To make an interior stand out you need to pay extra attention to details – such as lamps and mirrors. Accessories of different shades of the single colour bring interior to the next level.
White is all about comfort, it’s a neutral stage for all you ideas! If you are hoping for the warmer feel – go for the creamier whites and distressed finishes or for pure whites for a more modern and complex effect.
Grey is the best way to add sophistication. It’s up to you to choose the right shade of grey – you can pick warm greys (yellow based) or cool greys (blue based), the main purpose is to bring harmony to all other details in the rooms.

On the picture: white chaise lounge (another perfect spot to stretch out with a book!), carved mirrors and grey lamps (lighting is always key in keeping the space cosy) – recipe for inspiration, for luxury in your home.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

White Christmas

When it comes to interiors you have to understand the classic origins

The festive season is underway and it’s the ideal time to give your home a chic, celebratory touch that will wow guests. We are here to help & inspire!
White French furniture is classical, elegant and sophisticated and it will always stay in fashion, but you still have to aim to create soulful individual design. The perfect mood everyone wants to achieve for Christmas Living is comfy, inviting, and not at all over the top. White furniture matches almost any colour of walls. This creates a serene, homogenous space. Also don’t forget to use a specific colour in key places to create cohesiveness. To finish off the bedroom look to add cosy textures, for example Cream Knitted Throw. Our new pieces just arrive and are truly amazing! Explore our new range of bedroom furniture and bedroom ideas.

Which la Maison Chic items are on your wishlist for Santa to bring?